Seafood Scotland are looking to the future to help reignite the seafood industry recovery

Seafood Scotland (SFS) are developing strategies and schemes to help the seafood sector there recover after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

In an announcement yesterday they organisation said:

“Seafood Scotland have been working hard to develop plans in place to try and work with our in-market specialists, Scottish Government and partners on the current international market situation and how a recovery plan can be put into place to resume exports.

“Below is some of the immediate activity that is planned for Seafood Scotland to increase sales and consumption of Scottish Seafood locally and throughout the UK.

“We have developed a UK campaign to promote Scottish seafood direct to consumers via radio and paid social media which will start next week. Scottish Government is in continued dialogue with the major retailers to push for fish counters to reopen and when this is successful we will look to ramp up this activity and promotion. 

“SFS are starting a Supper Club tomorrow evening. This is an invite only virtual cookery class with chefs regionally from across Scotland, teaching the audience to cook with Seafood. Everyone will cook alongside the chef using local fishmonger delivery. Tomorrow we will be in Edinburgh cooking a lemon sole recipe with influencers, bloggers alongside the general public. This will be done via zoom and the recipe and demonstration will be put onto social media platforms after the event.

“Chef Fishmonger Courses, while Scottish chefs are furloughed at home we are seizing the opportunity to teach them fishmonger skills, to encourage them to buy Scottish seafood for their menus once they are operational again. SFS will run 3 x 11/2 hour courses starting mid-May and will be hosted by CJ Jackson of Billingsgate School and high profile Scottish chefs who will demonstrate. We already have 30 interested chefs. This will start in 2 weeks time. 

“We are supporting the Support Local hub with Scotland Food and Drink and have been working with seafood companies to have them included on this. We will also have a social media campaign to promote seafood companies on the directory when this launches to consumers on Monday.”

Source: Seafood Scotland 

Seafood Scotland’s Response to current Market Situation

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