Seafood Scotland has welcomed the Brexit deal

Seafood Scotland has welcomed the Brexit deal

Responding to the announcement of a Brexit deal, Donna Fordyce, Chief Executive of Seafood Scotland, said:

“Having a deal on the table at long last comes as a welcome relief to the Scottish seafood sector, which relies heavily on exports.  In particular, tariff-free trade is a huge benefit. 

“However, this is a two-sided deal.  Over the last few days we’ve seen the utter chaos that disruption at the Border causes.  With Brexit will come new, untested, and extremely complex processes that the seafood sector will have to comply with in just a week’s time, at huge cost which they can ill afford just now.  This bureaucratic blockade will result in some lorries not making it to Europe in time to ensure their highly perishable cargo is saleable. 

“We expect it to be a good few months until everything beds in and in the meantime, seafood businesses will try their best to navigate the changes, but some will not survive.”

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Seafood Scotland responds to Brexit deal

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