The Danish Government presented it's proposal for the sea plan, which describes how Danish waters are to be used in the future

The Danish Government presented it’s proposal for the sea plan, which describes how Danish waters are to be used in the future

Today, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Simon Kollerup, and the Minister of the Environment, Lea Wermelin, presented the Government’s proposal for the sea plan, which describes how Danish waters are to be used.

This is a long-awaited proposal, which we in Danish fisheries look forward to having a thorough dialogue about. Danish fisheries hopes that the final sea plan will ensure space for everyone and that it gives the fishery the opportunity to develop.

“Danish fishermen live off the sea. We are completely dependent on there being room for fishing in Danish waters so that we can continue to contribute to employment – both on land and at sea. Therefore, we hope that we can land a balanced sea plan, where both the Danish fishing and the marine environment are taken into account,” says chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association, Svend-Erik Andersen.

Earlier this month, the Danish Fisheries Association and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation presented a historical proposal on untouched sea in the North Sea, Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the proposal has been listened to to the extent that the Danish Fisheries Association had hoped.

We have worked hard and long to reach an agreement with DN that ensures both the marine environment and fishing. Therefore, I am disappointed that the government’s location of the areas with untouched sea does not align with those we have designated, and thus does not ensure that considerations for the marine environment and fishing go hand in hand,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

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“With our initiative “Together around the sea”, we showed that Danish fishing shares the ambition that we must take care of the sea. We therefore also hope that we will be involved in the work on the final agreement. We therefore look forward to the dialogue with the government and the parliamentary parties and hope that the final agreement will have broad political support across the middle,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

The sea plan comes at a time when fishing is struggling with the consequences of Brexit, where large quota reductions and lack of access to Norwegian waters have put fishing under very great pressure. The fishing industry is still repairing the damage. At the same time, the Government’s proposal for a sea plan is a testament to the fact that competition over who may use the sea is fierce. Therefore, in the eyes of the fishing industry, it is more important than ever to constantly think about coexistence.

“It is important that the sea level does not become another leg up for the Danish fishery. For the competition for the sea is fierce when there must also be room for everything from offshore wind turbines to oil objection. From our side, it is important that the plan secures the future of the Danish fisheries and marine environment, and we look forward to entering into a close dialogue with the government and the parliamentary parties about this,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

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Sea Plan to secure future of Danish fisheries and the marine environment

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