Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross MP has accused the SNP of betraying the Scottish fishing industry by backing EU in Brexit talks

The Scottish Conservative leader has accused the SNP of treachery and fishing industry betrayal by backing EU in Brexit talks

Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross MP has called on the devolved government in Scotland to back Westminster in the UK/EU Brexit talks.

The eighth round of negotiations between the UK and the EU will conclude tomorrow and it looks more than likely the talks will end in stalemate again as both sides fail to find an amicable resolution over fisheries and state-aid.

The Scottish Conservative accused the Scottish National Party of betraying the Scottish fishing industry after they told the EU that the UK should give ground in Brexit trade negotiations, according to an article in the Telegraph.

Ross said that the SNP had displayed “pure treachery” and attempted to “sell out Scotland’s fishing”.

On Tuesday he tweeted “Both of Scotland’s governments should be resolute and united in doing what is best for Scotland’s fishermen. But yet again, the SNP have made it clear that in the fight for control of Scotland’s fishing waters, they are on team Brussels”.

Douglas had hit out at the SNP after they rejected proposals in the Fisheries Bill that is currently working its way through the House of Commons’ Fisheries Committee, where yesterday the Tories voted to remove a clause on Sustainability being the prime objective of the new Bill.

Speaking to The Press and Journal he said “This Fisheries Bill is, at its heart, about a very simple issue. It’s about giving power back to our fishing industry.

“It gives our fishermen the chance to finally get away from the hated Common Fisheries Policy and embrace the opportunities on their doorstep. Once more, Scottish fishing will reap the benefits of being an independent coastal state.

“That’s why the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation urged all MPs to vote for the Fisheries Bill. They could not be clearer that this Bill is the key to unlocking the potential that we know exists and we know we are on the cusp of unleashing.

“But the SNP wouldn’t do that. Their vote against this Bill betrays the wishes of Scotland’s fishermen.

The SNP are desperate for Scottish people to be independent, except our fishermen.

“They would rather Scottish fishing was on its knees at the whims of the parliament in Brussels than we had control of our own waters.

“The SNP MPs pledged their loyalty last night to Brussels, not to Scotland’s fishing communities. That is unforgivable.”

He added: “This should be a proud moment where we say, for the first time since we joined the CFP, that Scottish fishing is back. The horizon looks bright again. Our industry is about to go from strength to strength.

“The political games should be over. We should all now unite around one, common goal: the revival and renewal of Scottish fishing to new heights.”

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Scottish Conservative Leader accuses SNP of fishing industry betrayal

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