A view of the new fishmarket in Scalloway Harbour

Fishing boats at Scalloway Harbour in the Shetland Islands will soon be landing their fish into the new state-of-the-art fishmarket in the harbour.

The new premises which cost £5.6M to build is awaiting final food hygiene certification, before starting operations to land and sell fish through electronic seafood auctions.

The new building is more than double the size of the previous fishmarket, boasting floor-space of around 1,950 square metres, and laydown space in the main auction hall for around 1,000 tiers of fish boxes. 

The new steel-framed building replaces the previous fishmarket, which had originally been built in the 1970’s and later extended in the 1990’s. The old building was completely demolished with crushed hardcore reused in the new construction. 

scalloway fishmarket auction hall

The stste-of-the-art auction ahll at the new Scalloway fishmarket

During the construction of the new fishmarket, landings continued uninterrupted at Scalloway Harbour as a temporary chilled space has been in use allowing fishing boats to continue normal service.

The building has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, incorporating LED lighting, and a high level of wall and ceiling insulation. Incorporated into the design are fully controllable low-energy air-source heat pumps and passive chiller units in the ceiling, which will keep the interior of the building cool, with the normal working temperature expected to be between two and five degrees Celsius.

Also included in the new building are a transport corridor and chilled compartments, as well as staff welfare areas and office space.

In the modern day world, no fishmarket is complete without access to the world-wide-web. The building is connected to fibre broadband to allow direct access to the online electronic seafood auction which provides ready access to the marketplace for buyers and sellers.

The main contractor for the 13-month build was Aberdeen based CHAP group, who also constructed the new Peterhead fishmarket, with local firm Arch Henderson Ltd. providing design and engineering expertise for the project. Together they delivered the new fishmarket  three months early and on budget. 

The building is owned by Shetland Islands Council and will be operated with industry partners, including Shetland Seafood Auctions and fishing vessel agents LHD Ltd.

The number of boxes landed at Scalloway harbour has increased significantly over the years, from around 14,000 boxes in 2004, to over 185,000 in 2019. The value of fish landings has also increased in this time, helping to justify the investment in the new facility.

Andrea Manson, Chair of the Shetland Harbour Board

Cllr Andrea Manson, Chair of the Shetland Harbour Board

Andrea Manson, Chair of the Shetland Harbour Board said: “This new fishmarket is a significant investment in the whitefish industry and for the Shetland economy

as a whole. It has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, and as future-proof as we can foresee. I look forward to seeing the first landings soon and hope this new Scalloway fishmarket serves the local fishing fleet for many years to come.”

Source: Shetland Islands Council

Scalloway Harbour due to open new state-of-the-art fishmarket

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