Eminent UK salmon retailers step forward to highlight consequences of inaction on North East Atlantic blue whiting management warns NAPA The Norwegian pelagic fleet are close to finishing out blue whiting season at the end of week 13 of 2023 with 293,000 tonnes of 378,766 tonnes fished Icelandic blue whiting bad weather

Pelagisk Forening, the Norwegian Pelagic Association has requested the redistribution of blue whiting quota in Irish waters of the EU zone

Pelagisk Forening Requests the Redistribution of Blue Whiting Quota in EU Zone

Pelagisk Forening, the Norwegian Pelagic Association has asked the Directorate of Fisheries to consider whether there are grounds for redistributing zone access for the purse-seine group for blue whiting in Irish waters (EU waters).

Speaking to Norwegian fishing news outlet, Kystmagasinet, General Manager of Pelagisk Forening, Mariann Frantzen said, “We have been informed that there is more zone access than quota left, so we believe this should be possible.” 

She added that as Norway does not have the opportunity to fish blue whiting in British waters, therefore it is important that the zone access in the EU is used as best as possible. 

“We have therefore asked that any redistribution be assessed quickly,” she says. 


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