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Danish Fishermen’s Association (DFA) Chairman, Svend-Erik Andersen says ‘Real fishermen clean-up after themselves’

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that Danish waters do not flow with waste”

Danish Fisheries Association chairman, Svend-Erik Andersen has hit out at fishermen who pollute the sea around Denmark.

In his letter he says:

“A refrigerator, bicycles and even mines from World War I. As a fisherman, I have caught a lot of different waste in the catch – and it’s really tiring. For it in no way belongs in our waters.

Therefore, it is also with great annoyance that the media this summer has again and again been able to tell about abandoned and used old fishing gear in the Limfjord. Old nets, which are scattered over large parts of the fjord. Let me state it: it’s by no means okay.

In the Danish Fisheries Association, we encourage our members, commercial fishermen, to take all waste ashore, and to report if you as a fisherman lose a gear. It is no longer, and that is how it should be for all fishermen. Also for recreational fishermen.

Because when you look at the nets that hide under the surface of the Limfjord, it is not from the commercial fishermen.

The commercial fishermen primarily fish for mussels in the Limfjord, which are not caught in nets, which is the case. Smaller net vessels, on the other hand, find their way, because the Limfjord is a popular place for recreational fishermen who set a net when they are in a holiday home, or feel like trying to catch a few hornfish. There are certainly also experienced recreational fishermen who know the whims of the sea and the complexity of fishing, but if you just go to sea a couple of times a year, it can go wrong. Fishing requires practice and experience. Any seasoned net fisherman can sign it.

The chairman of the recreational fishermen is already on the field. In the Danish Fisheries Association, we are more than happy that he is ready. Whether anglers or recreational anglers need good advice or want to hear about our experience in salvaging gear, they are welcome.

Today, commercial fishermen have to report if they lose a gear – a requirement that could apply to all fishermen and ensure that more gear was found again? The more fishermen, the better!

Because we want the problem of old nets and ghost nets to come to life, so it requires that all fishermen are involved.

In the Danish Fisheries Association, we do not want the arrow to always point to commercial fishing. We have and continue to make a real effort to bring the problem to life, whether it is participating in information campaigns on waste management on board or projects on degradable networks, or some of the other initiatives we have on the way. We certainly make mistakes too, and lose gear, but we are constantly trying to get better.

We think green and ambitious – all good ideas from all kinds of fishermen are welcome!”



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‘Real fishermen clean-up after themselves’ says DFA Chairman

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