Ramsay RNLI lifeboat Ruby Clery

The Ramsay RNLI lifeboat Ruby Clery being prepared for yesterday afternoon’s launch. Photo: RNLI/Ramsay RNLI

The Ramsay RNLI lifeboat, Ruby Clery was called upon to launch yesterday afternoon to go to the aid of a fisherman who had sustained injuries on board a fishing vessel in the vicinity.

Ramsey RNLI was launched at 16.07, Sunday 01 November 2020 at the request of Belfast Coastguard to go to the aid of a fisherman who had sustained injuries onboard a scallop dredger approximately 4 miles northeast of Ramsey Harbour, near to the Bahama Bank.

The volunteer lifeboat crew of the all-weather RNLB Ruby Clery, under the command of Coxswain Mark Kenyon, reached the casualty at 16.20 where sea conditions were south westerly force 6 to 7 with a moderate to heavy swell. 

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The 16 metre vessel was escorted to a more sheltered position in Ramsey Bay and the injured crewman was transferred to the Ruby Clery.

Ruby Clery arrived at Ramsey beach at 16.55 and the injured crewman was transferred to a waiting ambulance. The lifeboat was recovered, washed down, rehoused and made ready for service.

Coxswain Mark Kenyon commented “ This is an unfortunate incident to have occurred on the opening day of the King Scallop Season however it serves to highlight the dangers faced by those involved in the industry. Heavy fishing gear and unpredictable sea conditions can quickly result in a range of injuries for even the most careful crews.”

Safety and security measures were to be stepped up at harbours ahead of the King Scallop season which gets under way yesterday.

Around 80 crews from the Isle of Man, Scotland and Northern Ireland are licensed to fish in Manx waters during the seven month season – but not all are expected to do so.

Fishermen are attracted by a catch rate that is considerably higher than neighbouring fisheries making the Island’s waters a popular choice.

Source Ramsay RNLI

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Ramsay RNLI called to fisherman’s aid on opening day of King Scallop Season

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