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Blue whiting fishing has been good in the Norwegian Sea. Photo: Sildelaget

Three good blue whiting catches have been taken in recent weeks in the southern Norwegian Sea after several years without blue whiting fishing from here, writes Sildeslaget in Norway.

Libas is now on its way ashore with 2,400 tonnes, the vessel’s second major catch from the Norwegian Sea in 10 days. The North Sea basin had 1,450 tonnes from the same area earlier this week, close to the south of 64 degrees, well south of the Norwegian Sea and towards the border with the Faroese and British zones.

“It is a few years since we last had blue whiting catches of this size in these areas and it is gratifying to see that blue whiting is available there,” says sales manager Kenneth Garvik at Sildelaget. After a quick check in the journal, Garvik says that we must return to 2017 to find similar catches.

“Then we had vessels a little further north, but then the fishing rate was far lower than what we have received from Libas. In 2017, the boats spent a week filling up with 1,700 tonnes,” says Garvik

Libas reports faster fishing pace this year. After delayed arrival in Norway from the shipyard in Turkey, Libas has chosen to look for blue whiting in the Norwegian Sea instead of the usual fishing grounds west of Ireland earlier this year.

Skipper John Martin Berntsen is very happy with the last trips.

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“It has been very good, we have had short halls with everything from 150 to 400 tons in a few hours and a few days up to 1000 tons in total,” says Berntsen.

Libas also reports that there has been better fishing during the day as the blue whiting has been deeper and denser, while at night it has been higher and more scattered in the sea. The fish has had an eastern migration and it is a pure commodity with little by-catch.

“We are very happy so far, it is nice to be up here in the summer instead of west with storm and low pressure,” Berntsen says on the way to Egersund and Prima Protein with the catch.

“After landing, we take summer vacation until we start mackerel fishing in late summer,” says the skipper.

“We also have a steady blue whiting fishing out in the “edge” from the fleet that operates for eyeballs and whitefish, around 3,100 the last three weeks. Then these 5,700 tonnes come from the Norwegian Sea as a nice bonus,” concluded Garvik.

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Positive and good blue whiting fishing in the Norwegian Sea

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