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Play the Squid Games at your local fishmonger this weekend. L-R Ben Swain, Graham Osborne (owner Osborne & Sons Fishmonger and Seafood Hall), and Charlie Millsip

Visit your local fishmonger and play the Squid Game:  Love Seafood partners with UK fishmongers to give away hundreds of pounds worth of seafood.

The shape you have chosen is the shape you must pick out

Fans of the ultra-popular Neftlix series Squid Game are being given a chance to win free seafood – maybe even some squid – as Love Seafood partners with fishmongers across the UK for its very own “Squid Game” this Saturday.

The rules are simple. In a fishified homage to the classic honeycomb carving scene in the show, giant posters bearing symbols that will be familiar to fans have been placed on the walls of participating mongers. Players simply need to pick a symbol, then choose a card from the fishmonger. Should the symbol they have chosen match the card they pick, they will win a £10 voucher to spend on seafood. There are £250 worth of vouchers available at each participating fishmonger’s store.

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Love Seafood’s Squid Game will run on Saturday 30 October during normal business hours in the following locations while stock lasts:

Osborne & Sons Fishmonger and Seafood Hall 8.00am-5.00pmsquid games local fishmonger

No. 8 The Cocklesheds

High Street




Seafood Shack 9.00am-4.00pm

3 Dee Court

Dee Lane

West Kirby

CH48 0QH

J&B’s Fisheries 9.00am-12.30pm

111 The High Street


Isle of Wight

PO31 7AT

In a twist on events, repercussions for those who don’t beat the fishmongers should be no worse than the mild sting of disappointment at not pocketing a £10 voucher.

Love Seafood is on a mission to bring on better living by encouraging people across the UK to incorporate more seafood into their diets. The team has devised the giveaway to help consumers discover the amazing simplicity and versatility of fish and shellfish.

Greg Smith, Player 456 at Love Seafood said**: In my town, we have a game called the “Squid Game”. The rules are simple. A seafood fan walks into a fishmonger, where there is a poster on the wall. The poster has four symbols on it, which correspond to cards held by the fishmonger. In order to win, the seafood fan picks a symbol from the poster then chooses a card from the fishmonger. If the symbols match, they win and yell out, “Victory”. At that moment, they’ll feel as if they own the entire world, exhilarated. If they lose, they are eliminated.”

**Greg Smith, Head of Marketing for Love Seafood actually said: “We love nothing more than when opportunities arise for us to partner with the UK’s incredible independent seafood businesses. A show with such universal popularity, that just happens to be called ‘Squid Game’, is an opportunity too good to miss! At Love Seafood we aim to ‘bring on better living’ by encouraging people across the UK to explore the huge variety of nutritious, versatile, and most of all delicious seafood we have access to. We think this game, a literal Squid Game, is a really fun way of doing that – thankfully, with none of the potential consequences we’ve all seen on the show! Good luck to everyone who takes part.”

Love Seafood are always on the lookout for passionate seafood champions, companies and organisations to get involved with campaigns. To find out more visit https://www.seafish.org/promoting-seafood/love-seafood-consumer-brand/#z-get-in-touch-4

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Play the Squid Games at your local fishmonger and win big this weekend

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