PFSA Launches ‘Wild’ New Brand Celebrating Local Species

PFSA CEO Edward Baker at RG Seafood with staff Lee, Charlotte, and Rob who are helping promote ‘Wild’ the new brand celebrating local species

The Plymouth Fishing and Seafood Association (PFSA) is launching a new campaign to increase the profile and desirability of locally caught and landed species and provide a boost to the area’s fishing industry.

The new consumer-facing brand, Seafood Plymouth, will urge consumers to ‘choose local, go wild’.

Through targeted marketing and local events, Seafood Plymouth will support the local fishing fleet and onshore seafood businesses, including merchants, retailers and food service outlets. There’s also a branded logo which will be made available to local businesses to show where Plymouth-landed fish is being sold. In addition, local businesses will be able to take advantage of other resources, including posters and courses for hospitality staff, to provide them with the knowledge and skills to promote local seafood to their customers.

The brand-led campaign will strengthen Plymouth’s seafood profile through a variety of consumer-facing activities too. There is extensive work already being done with local children, restaurants and the very well-received Plymouth Seafood Trail. And this will build on previous successes, leaning into social media channels to showcase seasonal recipes as well as information about the fishermen, fishing techniques, merchants and outlets that sell local fish. Seafood Plymouth will also deliver a programme of consumer-facing events such as cooking and tasting sessions.

PFSA Launches ‘Wild’ New Brand Celebrating Local Species

Edward Baker at Plymouth Quay holding a Gurnard (left) and Bass (right)

Edward Baker, CEO of the PFSA, said:

“This campaign couldn’t have come at a better time for those operating fish-catching and onshore seafood businesses in and around Plymouth. We’ve encountered choppy waters in recent months, first with major repair works to the lock gates at Sutton Harbour impeding access to the quay for local vessels, and more recently with the local fish market going into administration.

“Seafood Plymouth and our ‘Choose Local, Go Wild’ call-to-action is a much-needed rallying cry to people living locally to do their bit to support the local economy, and have some fun trying out new ways of cooking and preparing food that’s literally on their doorstep. We’ll be ramping up activities that really connect our fishing industry with local residents who will play a major role in its future for generations to come.”

The campaign is funded by the Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS), on behalf of Defra, and delivers investments to safeguard the long-term sustainability, resilience and prosperity of the seafood sector across England. It will build on the support that the Plymouth Fishing and Seafood Association (PFSA) is already making to the local community through lessons in schools and via various partnerships.


Source: Press Release

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