Social distancing is being implemented by Peterhead Port Authority. Photo: Peterhead Port Authority

Peterhead Port Authority has introduced a range of measures to allow the Greenhill Fish Market to continue to operate while observing social distancing requirements introduced by the Government.

Daily market capacity will be reduced to 5,000 boxes of fish. This will allow space between the tiers on the market for social distancing during the auction. Space will be allocated to each vessel; no additional space will be taken unless with prior approval of market staff.

All vessels must complete the discharge of their catch by 0600hrs at the latest. Market staff will be instructed to close and lock all doors at this time without exception.

Further updates will be communicated as and when circumstances dictate.

In a message to all involved in daily sales at the market, Port management said: “We trust you fully understand why these measures have been taken and we look forward to your full support and cooperation in implementing these measures for the safety of all stakeholders.”

Source: Peterhead Port Authority


Peterhead Port Authority enacts Social Distancing at fish markets

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