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The Norwegian North Sea Herring season looks to be past it’s peak fishing. Photo; Norges Sildesalgslag

The Norwegian North Sea herring fishery experienced another slow week as 6,885 tonnes was reported to have been caught by the fleet.

There has been nearly 75,000 tonnes of North Sea herring landed by the Norwegian boats since early June, seeing the best fishing so far when approximately 28,000 tonnes was registered in Week 24.

Since then, the fishing has seen a fall in catches with 9,800 tonnes recorded in Week 25. 

This week, Week 26, a total of 6,885 tonnes of North Sea herring was reported in the catch journal. 150 tonnes of the catch was sold for fish meal and fish oil purposes while the rest went to consumption. 

The size of the herring had varied some, ranging from 147-218 grams, but most of the catches range from 165-179g.

Eight catches of a total of 1,235 tonnes have been caught in Norwegian waters and 24 catches and 6,130 tonnes have been caught in EU waters.

As of today, the fleet has now caught 74,924 tonnes of the total quota 140,650 tonnes (including flex- 11,492 tonnes) with 65,726 tonnes remaining.

Earlier in the season, a lot of the herring caught was on the small side and was sent for fish meal and fish oil production but as the size increased, more of it was eventually sent to processing for human consumption.

Herring has been an important fish stock for Norway for centuries by in recent years the North Sea Herring has been coming under pressure.

The quota for 2020 was set at 113,975 tonnes with the 15,183 tonnes balance from last year and including the flex of 11,492 tonnes gives the fleet a total disposable catch of 140,650 tonnes.

June is usually the peak month for North Sea Herring with the season running from May until September.

Norwegian North Sea herring

The chart show the peak fishing for the Norwegian North Sea Herring season. Chart:

Source: Norges Sildesalgslag

Peak fishing looks to be over for 2020 Norwegian North Sea Herring

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