The missing fisherman was onboard the 'Langenes' which was operating in the Barents Sea. Photo: Fiskebat

The search for the missing fisherman from the freezer-trawler ‘Langenes’ in the Barents Sea has ended unsuccessfully. Photo: Fiskebat

The search for a fisherman who went missing from a trawler in the Barents Sea yesterday evening has now ended according to sources in Norway.

The search for the missing man ended unsuccessfully this afternoon at 1400hrs Norwegian time (1.00pm GMT) due to the forecast giving that weather conditions are set to deteriorate in the area.

The fisherman was onboard the 56-metre Ålesund-based freezer-trawler ‘Langenes’ which was located in the Barents Sea between Bjørnøya and Svalbard on Tuesday evening, 15 November when it is believed he went overboard. Rescue operations were commenced immediately when the North Norwegian Central Rescue Service was alerted to the incident at yesterday at 1953hrs (6.30pm GMT).

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The search involved the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Barentshav, which coordinated the sea search with 12 fishing vessels, which included at least one Russian fishing boat. Rescue helicopters from Svalbard and SAR Queen from Banak searched from the air.

Earlier this morning, it was hoped that the daylight would help with recovery efforts despite a light westerly gale in the search area. Unfortunately, the search did not find the missing fisherman.

Rescue leader Thomas Ringen said, “There is a high probability that the person has ended up in the sea,” and he noted that the weather had not made it easy searching for the fisherman. He said, “It is a search that has been going on for a long time, with many people involved.”

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Official search for missing fisherman in Barents Sea ends unsuccessfully

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