The Norwegian snow crab quota for 2023 will be 7,790 tonnes norwegian snow crab accidents permits

Norwegian snow crab fishermen face stricter regulations as old permits revoked with new conditions due to come into force

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has announced the revocation of all existing snow crab fishing permits, effective immediately, with new conditions for participation coming into effect from 1 January 2025.

This decision, formalised through a royal decree on 24 May 2024, aims to limit participation in snow crab fishing to enhance profitability and reduce environmental impacts.


Key Changes and New Conditions

In December 2023, the Ministry decided to restrict snow crab fishing participation to ensure better profitability and predictability for industry players. This move is also intended to mitigate environmental damage caused by abandoned and lost fishing gear.

– Permit Revocation: All current snow crab fishing permits are being revoked.

– New Permit Conditions: Fishers can apply for new permits under revised conditions designed to limit participation and promote sustainability.

Marianne Sivertsen Næss, the Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, explained the rationale: “Stricter participation limits are essential for ensuring the economic viability of snow crab fishing. Fewer participants will provide more predictability for the industry and lessen the environmental impact of lost and abandoned gear.”


Collaboration with Land-Based Industry

Starting in 2025, 10% of the total snow crab quota will be allocated for the delivery of live snow crabs. Vessels with new permits will be eligible to fish for this quota, provided they have agreements with land-based industries. The Directorate of Fisheries will oversee the administration of this allocation in collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Minister Sivertsen Næss emphasised the importance of stimulating land-based activity and ensuring vessel profitability. “We aim to see if earmarking raw materials can boost land-based activity. Adjustments will be made in line with new operational patterns, and if positive effects are observed, we may consider increasing this allocation in the future.”


Background and Implementation

In 2023, a consultation process highlighted broad support for limiting snow crab fishing. Based on this feedback, the Ministry decided to impose restrictions starting from 2025. Participation will be restricted to those active in the industry during at least two of the qualifying years (2020, 2021, 2022 up to 16 May), with provisions for those who have made investments under strict conditions.

Affected vessel owners will be notified of the permit revocations and the new conditions for obtaining snow crab fishing permits. The new conditions will be detailed in the licensing regulations, which take immediate effect to facilitate the processing of new permit applications.

The Norwegian government believe these measures mark a significant step towards sustainable snow crab fishing, ensuring both economic and environmental benefits for the future.


Source: Press Release


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