Norwegian Seafood Council announces retail activations with Asda and Marks & Spencer. Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council

Norwegian Seafood Council announces retail activations with Asda and Marks & Spencer. Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), which works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood, has announced retail activations in a bid to engage consumers in sustainably sourced seafood.

Recent collaborations with Asda and Marks & Spencer showcase the sustainability and provenance of cod and haddock sourced from cold, clear Norwegian waters and highlight NSC’s drive for supporting the sustainable seafood category.

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Says Victoria Braathen, NSC UK director: “Norway is a leader in sustainable fisheries management and the UK is a key market for Norwegian seafood – especially UK favourites, cod and haddock. By working together with the retail industry, we hope to educate UK consumers over the importance for sustainable produce – for the good of their health and the plane.

norwegian seafood retail activations The announcement comes following growing demand for more sustainable options, with research conducted by the NSC showing that sustainable fish is important to 87% of UK consumers. In the past two years there has also been a notable change in eating habits at home, with the number of meals eaten here remaining elevated when compared to the pre-pandemic average. This has had a knock-on impact on out of home dining and consumption. Remote working and the continued evolution of consumers lifestyles, certainly as cost-of-living constraints deepen, increases the trend for time spent eating at home for British households. The pandemic has also increased people’s focus on health. The rise in these trends underscores the importance for working together to showcase seafood provenance and illustrate to the consumer the value of sustainably sourced proteins.

Continued Braathen: “When choosing Seafood from Norway, consumers get a delicious, wholesome protein from a country that takes great pride in its fishing methods and heritage, delivering both quality and sustainability credentials. Entering the new year, we look forward to continuing joint marketing efforts and supporting the sustainable seafood category.”

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Norwegian Seafood Council launches retail activations to strengthen category support

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