Norwegian Sandeel fisheries will see quota increase by 30,000 tonnes for 2020

The Norwegian Institute of Research has recommended a provisionally increase of the sandeel quota from 70,000 tonnes to 110,000 tonnes for 2020.

The move will be seen as controversial, especially amongst environmentalists who blame the overfishing of sandeel for the serious decline in sea birds like the puffin that feeds extensively on the species.

Last December the EU Commission was heavily criticised for increasing Denmark’s 2020 sandeel TAC to 216,000 which more than doubled the Member States quota for 2019.

The Final Quota Council meets on 15 May 2020 and will verify the decision made by the IMR.  The Directorate of Fisheries has decided to follow the Council’s decision. The quota unit for eel fishing in 2020 is set to 3.82 with immediate effect.

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway is one of the biggest marine research institutes in Europe, with about 1,000 employees. It’s main activities are research, advisory work and monitoring.

Norwegian Sandeel Quota set to increase to 110,000 tonnes for 2020

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