finalised sandeel quota for 2022 for the Norwegian fleet and the start of the North Sea herring

Finalised sandeel quota for 2022 for the Norwegian fleet and the start of the North Sea herring fishing in Week 19 of 2022

Week 19 of 2022 saw the announcement of the finalised sandeel quota for 2022 for the Norwegian fleet.

The quota of 95,000 tonnes is down on the 110,000 tonnes quota for 2021 and a fraction of the massive quota of 244,400 tonnes set for 2020.

The North Sea herring fishing has also started reports Roar Bjånesøy, Communication and Strategy Leader at Norges Sildesalgslag:


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On Friday 12 May, Havforskningen came up with advice that the sandeel quota for 2022 will be 95,000 tonnes, up from the preliminary advice of 60,000 tonnes given in February.

The news from the quota council means that the vessels that had begun to complete the preliminary quota could take a new trip down to the fields in the North Sea.

This week we had 13,514 tonnes registered from 18 vessels down from 22,675 tonnes last week. The fishing for sandeel has slowed down a bit this week, there are now around 15 vessels in swing in the southern North Sea. So far, around 51,400 tonnes of the quota have been taken.

North Sea herring:

On Thursday, the first registration for North Sea herring came from Svanaug Elise that caught 145 tonnes. Several vessels went out and for the whole week we have had 2,760 tonnes in 9 catches. The fleet has had a good time out on the field, the size of the herring has been from 132-170 grams, with an average of 142 grams. It is expected that more vessels will now start fishing, the majority of those who are now in the field are around 80 nm west of Egersund


The coastal fleet has caught 22 tonnes of mackerel this week, most of which goes to fresh use. The catches were taken in the area Bokn / Bømlo, Nordhordaland and around Florø

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Norwegian sandeel quota expanded and North Sea herring fishing is underway

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