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Week 48 of 2023: The Norwegian boats had a quiet week as most have their quotas for 2023 filled Photo: M/S Vea (2021)

Quiet Week for the Pelagic Fleet as Most Reach Quota Limits for the Year

The pelagic fishing fleet experienced a relatively calm week, with the majority of vessels having successfully reached their annual quotas reports Anette Uddén from Norges Sildesalgslag


Horse Mackerel

While some boats continued their pursuit of horse mackerel, a total of 160 tonnes were caught from four different vessels. The fishing activity was primarily concentrated in the fjords along the West Coast and Rogaland.


Coastal Sprat

A total of 101 tonnes were harvested from four different coastal vessels, with the fishing grounds remaining in the Oslo Fjord and Sognefjord areas. All catches have been earmarked for fishmeal purposes.


North Sea Herring

A total of 1,192 tonnes of North Sea herring were caught. Of this, 330 tonnes were allocated for meal and oil production, while the remaining 862 tonnes were designated for direct consumption. Additionally, 180 tonnes were captured in the British zone.


Norwegian Spring Spawning Herring

Despite reaching this year’s quota as reported last week, 758 tonnes were still caught in the past week. The average weight stands at 293 grams.


As the pelagic fleet winds down its activities for the year, attention is turning towards the overall performance of the fishing industry and the sustainability of the stocks. With several quotas fulfilled, the focus will likely shift to reviewing the year’s catches and planning for the upcoming fishing season.


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