Norwegian boats report continued mackerel fishing in the north and attractive North Sea herring from the east of Shetland Fiskebåt has called on the Norwegian government to include the fishing fleet in the climate partnership week 45 2023 norwegian pelagic

Norwegian pelagic fishing is experienced steady herring fishing in week 45 of 2023 Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag/ Helge Skavlan

“Herring Fishing in Full Swing in Kvænangen,” reports Anette Uddén of Norges SIldesalgslag for week 45 of 2023


NVG Herring

The fishing activity in Kvænangen for the coastal fleet continues to thrive. This week, over 14,000 tonnes have been reported from the area, compared to 13,500 the previous week. The larger coastal fleet also had the opportunity to use nets within the fjord lines in Kvænangen and Reisafjorden.

In total, 29,700 tonnes of NVG herring were reported, but the purse seine fleet has reduced its total quantity to 11,000 tonnes this week, down from over 28,000 tonnes the previous week. It appears that many purse seine vessels have completed their quotas.

There are still around 39,600 tonnes of NVG herring remaining from the total quota of 388,490 tonnes. Coastal areas have the most remaining, so a good fishery is expected in the northern fjords in the coming weeks.


North Sea Herring

There is a slight increase in the North Sea herring fishery, with 2,772 tonnes reported. For 10 of the boats, this marked the last trip of the year.



Buyers are enthusiastic, and more mackerel has been sold to Norwegian buyers this year than last, which is a positive development. A total of 12,574 tonnes have been reported, and the fishing has taken place in the area west of Ålesund.


Coastal Capelin

141 tonnes of coastal capelin have been caught by three boats in five hauls in the last week. The fishing has mainly taken place in the Sognefjorden near Balestrand.


Fishing on “The Edge”

The industrial fleet continues to fish on “The Edge,” and a total of 1,275 tonnes of blue whiting, 484 tonnes of silver smelt, and 114 tonnes of saithe have been reported from eight different vessels.


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