The blue whiting season has started off the southwest of Ireland norwegian pelagic summer holidays

Norwegian pelagic landings decrease as the summer holidays kick-in reports Norges Siledsalgslag. Photo: Gardar AS

Still some mackerel, but a small gathering – the fishermen have put up a good fight this week“, is the fishing news from Norges Siledsalgslag for week 27 of 2023.

Dorthe Iselin Austevoll from Sildelaget reports:

North Sea herring

Just under 5,000 tonnes were caught. There have been periods of good fishing and good hauls at the beginning of the week, where all catches were taken with pelagic trawls. The average size has been between 180g and 225g. Fishing was a bit slower on Friday and Saturday. The number of boats has decreased towards the end of the week as the facilities went on summer break. On Sunday evening, there were only two boats left in the area where fishing was good.



Almost 2,000 tonnes were caught. Of those, 140 tonnes were for bait, about 50 tonnes for freezing in the south, about 1,700 tonnes in the north, and 24 tonnes for fresh use. The number of boats has decreased as some have reached their quotas and others have taken summer vacation. There has been plenty of mackerel to be seen, but the gathering has been poor, and at times, the mackerel has been close to the shore. The fishermen have worked hard for their catches this week. Around 11,000 tonnes of this year’s quota have been caught so far.


Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NVG herring)

Some boats that have finished their mackerel quotas have started fishing for NVG herring. There has been a good amount of herring, with approximately 300 tonnes caught in the north.


Blue whiting

1,700 tonnes were caught, with 500 tonnes taken by Libas in the Norwegian Sea and the rest along the edge.



322 tonnes have been caught.


Norwegian pout

1,308 tonnes have been caught.


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