The North Sea Herring season is coming to a close for the Norwegian fishing fleet

The North Sea Herring season is coming to a close for the Norwegian fishing fleet

This year’s roe herring season for North Sea herring is coming to an end for the Norwegian fleet but as the Norwegian vessels finish their season, processors there are expecting landings from foreign vessels to grow.

Last week 5,400 tonnes of North Sea herring was caught and delivered into Norway. Of this quantity, foreign boats have contributed 3,400 tonnes, boats in the purse seine group with 1,800 tonnes and from the boats fishing with trawls on the Edge, just over 100 tonnes was landed for fishmean/oil use.

The Scottish/Irish boats have been fishing within 12 miles east of the Orkney Islands. Here the fishing was good in the beginning but later catches eased off but over the weekend it had picked up again.

“From the buyers, it is reported that the roe is starting to become partially overripe, so we will probably go into the last week for the production of herring roe,” says Norges Sildesalgslag.

“With increasing interest in herring roe around the world, several buyers have installed roe plants for this year’s herring season. A look at the quantity of herring in August and so far in September shows that just under 40,000 tonnes of North Sea herring have been fished. The main part of this quantity is used to take out roe, in combination with fillet.”

Norges Sildesalgslag concluded; “In the coming week, we expect few Norwegian boats in this fishery. A number of foreign boats still have a number of quotas left and if fishing picks up off the Orkney Islands, some will probably sail to Norway with herring.”


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Norwegian North Sea Herring Season Coming to a Close

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