Norwegian North Sea Herring

The Norwegian North Sea Herring season is proving to be a good one for the fleet

The Norwegian North Sea Herring fleet reported a total of 28,800 tonnes of herring being recorded in the catch journal last week as the boats completed another succesful week.

“We need to go all the way back to the same week in 2014 to find a week where there were larger volumes. The catches are divided between about 3.000 tonnes to matjes, about 3.330 tonnes to frozen/filet and about 22.500 tonnes for fish meal and fish oil purposes,” says Norges Sildesalgslag.

Of the fish caught for matjes (maiden herring that have not spawned) about 2.000 tonnes was caught in EU waters and 1.000 tonnes in Norwegian waters. The herring for frozen/filet purposes have mostly been caught in Norwegian waters.

The coastal fleet caught about 6.100 tonnes of the weekly volume.

As mentioned above, there’s only a small volume caught for matjes purposes and the industry needs far larger volumes. Preferably 170 gram herring, a size there’s been a lack of this season.

The fishery took place in multiple areas last week, from the Koralbank/Utsira in the south to Oseberg/Vikingbanken in the north (Norwegian waters). There’s also been some catches from EU waters, by the border, and east of Shetland. However, most of the herring have been caught in Norwegian waters, by the Koralbank/Utsira.

Over the weekend a couple of vessels have searched and reported catches from the southern part of the Norwegian waters. The herring from this area has been larger in size, averaging to 200 gram. We hope that the herring gathers more in this area so that the fishery picks up.

The size of the herring varies a lot, and the herring for frozen/filet production ranges from 130 – 215 gram, averaging to 169 gram. The herring for matjes ranges from 128 – 156 gram and averages to 134 gram.

A handful of vessels have set course for Skagerak this week, but only two of them caught small amounts of herring. The fishermen report poor catch conditions.

The fleet have now caught approximately 62,000 tonnes of the 140,000 tonnes quota.

Source: Norges Sildeslagslag


Norwegian North Sea Herring continues with another good week

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