Storting will not defer the CO2 tax for 2020 to 2021

The Norwegian Government has told Fiskebåt that there will be no deferral of the new scheme for payment of CO2 tax in 2020.

In their reply to a request from Fiskebat, the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries said that although there will be no suspension of the CO2 tax, they are prepared to introduce the new compensation scheme in line with the budget decision in the Storting.

Fiskebat had written to the the government asking them to consider postponing the introduction of the new scheme until 2021 due to the corona situation. In addition, much remains unclear about how the new scheme will be managed, which in turn leads to uncertainty among the fishing boat owners.

Easiest possible

The Ministry’s response indicates that they are prepared to introduce the new compensation scheme in line with the Storting’s budget decision for 2020. According to the Ministry, they have also asked the Guarantee Fund and the Directorate of Fisheries to complete the facility to make the implementation of the scheme as simple as possible in 2020.

Liquidity Problem

The Ministry does not emphasize the liquidity effects of the CO2 tax, and points out that the fishing fleet exempts the basic tax for mineral oil of NOK 1.68 per liter. This exemption applies to all vessels operating freight and passenger transport. The most important difference between the fishing fleet and other vessels is that most types of vessels are exempted by bunkering, and thus do not have to pay for this fee. The fishing fleet pays the basic fee for bunkering when fishing in close waters, and is reimbursed upon application through the Guarantee Fund. Such practice is as if the fishing fleet receives a subsidy in relation to other ships, while the reality is that all ships operating freight and passenger transport are facing the same exemption.

Source: Fiskebat

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Norwegian Government tells Fiskebåt No Deferral of CO2 tax

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