The Norwegian pelagic fleet reported continued good fishing for herring in the north with the fleet still fishing mackerel off Shetland The Arctic Circle Assembly 2021 has called for urgent quota sharing agreement for North-East Atlantic pelagic fish stocks

The Norwegian pelagic fleet reported continued good fishing for NVG herring in the north with the fleet still fishing mackerel off Shetland

The Norwegian pelagic fleet reported another good week for herring in the north as mackerel fishing continues on the Shetland grounds and outside more.

Week 44 of 2021 seen boats targeting NVG herring record 32,100 tonnes and 17,800 tonnes of mackerel being landed by the boats working on mackerel.

Kenneth Garvik of Norges Sildesalslag reports:

“The good (NVG) herring fishing continues, and in the last six weeks we have had an average weekly quantity of over 30,000 tonnes. From the record last week, a quantity of 32,100 tonnes is shown. In this fishing, Tuesday was the best day with a full 9,400 hours.

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“As in previous weeks, purse seines are the largest contributor with 19,400 tonnes. The coastal group has fished 11,200 tonnes, and 1,500 tonnes have been fished from four Irish vessels.

“Herring is now fished on Kvænangen, within the fjord lines for the smallest fleet. Outside and close to the coast, larger coastal boats and purse seines have fished well with herring. West of Tromsøflaket all the way north to N 71⁰ 50 ‘, foreigners and some purse seine boats have been active.
Here it can be mentioned that “Slaatterøy” took a total of 2,230 tonnes in three throws 70 nautical miles NW of Torsvåg. This is the largest herring registration we have had for consumption.”

The herring sizes vary from 220 to 310 g, weighted average of 277 grams. The herring that has been in front into Kvænangen has had the largest average weight.

“If we look a little at quota status, almost 400,000 tonnes of a quota of 495,035 have now been fished. The boats have here and the opportunity to flex 10% both ways. If we assume a similar flex as last year, almost 100,000 tonnes will be fished this year.”

Large participation in herring fishing is expected in the coming week. More boats of those who deliver to guide boats will arrive, and both the larger coastal boats and purse seines will also participate in the future.

On the mackerel fishing Kenneth reports:
“A medium mackerel catch with 17,800 tonnes was reported. The best mackerel day was Saturday with 4,100 tonnes. Of the week’s quantity, as many as 11,600 tonnes are fished by foreign vessels. Here is the distribution of the quantity of 9,600 tonnes from seven British vessels and 2,000 tonnes from three Faroese boats.
Of the Norwegian boats, purse seines have fished 5,000 tonnes, trawls 700 tonnes and coastal 500 tonnes.

“As in previous weeks, mackerel fishing has taken place in two different areas.

“One field from Aktivneset to Storegga, around 40 km from Ålesund. Here, the Norwegian and Faroese boats have mainly fished mackerel with trawls. The average size of mackerel in this area is 467 grams.”

From the area southeast of Shetland, catches have been significantly higher. The catches here vary from 450 tonnes to as much as 2,200 tonnes from “Research” from Shetland.

Mackerel is reported to be good here. And to maintain good quality, most boats take short hauls with a suitable quantity. The mackerel off Shetland is smaller with an average weight of 434 grams.

“We have now fished just under 270,000 tonnes of this year’s quota of 305,000 tonnes,” says Garvik. “If we include just over 9,000 tonnes that we fished on this year’s quota last year, we have now taken over 90% of the mackerel quota.

“From the Norwegian zone, a number of Norwegian and Faroese boats will focus on mackerel fishing. A lot of wind is reported during the week so this can hamper the boats. From the Shetland field, a number of boats are starting to finish their quotas. We still hope for landings from here.”

North Sea herring has seen three catches with a total of 290 tonnes. These were caught on Vikingbanken with both nets and trawls. This was a relatively large herring of around 260 grams.

In other fisheries only two boats have reported fish from Kanten this week. They have fished 600 tonnes of blue whiting, 180 tonnes of herring and 90 tonnes of horse mackerel.

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Norwegian fleet continues good NVG Herring fishing in the north

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