Norwegian fisheries catch samples

The Direcorate of Fisheries may require Norwegian fishing vessels to take catch samples for research on behalf of the Institute of Marine Research

The Directorate of Fisheries has submitted, on consultation, a proposal for a regulatory determination of the obligation to take catch samples on behalf of the Institute of Marine Research. 

“Fishing boats have always thought this should be a voluntary scheme, but this is difficult to argue with when only 40 percent of the fleet chooses to participate. If this is still to be a voluntary scheme, it is important that participation is increasing now,” says resource researcher Gjert Dingsør with Fiskbat.

In spite of persistent demands from both the Fishing Boat and the Institute of Marine Research, there is a keen interest in participating. The Institute of Marine Research wants a certain number of samples from a fishery to gain knowledge about the stocks. 

“When few people choose to participate, there will be more work for these. In addition, researchers risk getting a skewed picture of what is being caught due to poor sampling in some areas or times,” says Dingsør. 

Important samples

The samples collected through the Catch Trial Lottery are at least as important as the results obtained. The stock calculations are no better than the underlying data. It is therefore important that everyone participates in the lottery, both because of the quality of the stock calculations and in solidarity with other fishermen.  

Not much extra work

The feedback from those who are already participating in the Catch Trial Lottery is that this works well and does not require any extra work. You send an HIA message at the start of the tour that you want to participate in the lottery, then send a HIF message with a rough estimate of the catch as soon as possible (this will not be used for anything other than the Catch Trial Lottery).

When this is done, you get feedback from HI whether they want a sample taken or not. If the vessel is picked out, a sample of about 15 kilos is taken, which is packaged and delivered to the receiving facility, which is responsible for sending this on.

“If anyone has switched off the system but wants to participate voluntarily, we ask you to contact your electronic catch diary supplier. They will quickly be able to help you change the settings in the catch diary so you can participate,” says Dingsør.

Source: Fiskebat

Norwegian Fishing Vessels may be required to take Catch Samples

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