The crew of the Norwegian fishing vessel ‘Volstad found a dishwasher in their trawl. Photo: Fishing for Litter, Norway

The crew onboard the Norwegian fishing vessel ‘Volstad’ got a surprise when they found a dishwasher in the trawl net during one of their hauls.

“It caused an incredible amount of wonder when we found it, and I don’t think we could ever believe we would haul up such a thing,” says ‘Volstad’ skipper Bjørn Blomberg. 

Now the dishwasher and all the other junk have been delivered to the “Fishing for Litter” scheme.

The trawler ‘Volstad’ is one of 85 boats that are part of the “Fishing for Litter” scheme in Norway, and they would like to have more on the project and skipper Blomberg is an advocate for the scheme.

So far this year, the project scheme has ensured that 500 tonnes of garbage has come up from the sea and been delivered ashore.

“Look here at all the junk we sweep with us. Iron scrap, rope lengths, yarn debris, plastic and crap and shit,” Bjørn Blomber told TV 2 who was there filming the junk being landed.

The shipping company Volstad Shipping in Ålesund has been involved for many years in collecting, retaining and bringing ashore garbage that has come up in their trawl, even before the return scheme came into place.

“This is a huge scheme that I wish more boats were involved in! After all, it is the sea we will depend on in the future. The fish is important and we must take care of the environment. There is no excuse for so much waste to be on the seabed,” Blomberg told TV 2.

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Norwegian fishing vessel gets surprise with dishwasher in trawl net

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