Norwegian fisheries organisations have asked for consultation to allow fishers to transfer cod quotas to next year

Norwegian fisheries organisations have called on the Government to consider allowing fishers the right to transfer cod quotas to next year in light of the effects of the  COVID-19 crisis.

The move would help counter any problems in the markets and the proposal is now being sent out for consultation, the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries writes in a press release.

“The COVID-19 disruption in some markets has led to a decline in demand for fish. The ability to transfer quotas will provide greater flexibility for each fisherman so that they can adapt to the situation.

This is something the industry organisations have called for. That is why we are submitting this proposal for consultation, so that more people can come up with their input before we make a final decision,” says Fisheries and Seafood Minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen.

The fisheries agreement with Russia  allows Norway to transfer a maximum of 10 percent of the cod quota. This means that Norway has the right to transfer up to 32,729 tonnes of this year’s quota to 2021. The cod stock was described as being in good condition and the total quota for Northeast Arctic cod for 2020 was set at 738,000 tonnes. 

Previously, it was only possible to transfer quotas at the group level, that is, for all the vessels in a group. The proposal, which will now go out for consultation, means that each individual fisherman can decide for themselves whether to transfer to next year.

Possible criteria 

It is the Directorate of Fisheries who will conduct the consultation

The Ministry of Trade and Fisheries considers the following criteria for the scheme:

  • The scheme applies to cod, with the possibility to extend to other whitefish species.
  • The scheme can apply to all vessels in seagoing fleet as well as in closed group coasts. Coastal vessels under 11 meters are exempted due to over-regulation.  
  • The scheme will not apply to the vessels in the open group.
  • The Directorate of Fisheries’ assumptions regarding participation in fishing in 2020 and ownership shall be used. That is, the requirements of the quota transfer project that was completed in 2017-2018 will be continued.

Source: Fiskebat

Norwegian Fisheries Organisations requests transferring Cod Quotas

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