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The Norwegian Fisheries Association welcomes 10 percent Cod Quota transfer over to 2021

The Norwegian Fisheries Association supports the Directorate of Fisheries’ proposal to transfer 10 percent of the fleets quotas of cod to 2021.

The decision has been welcomed by the Association and cod fishermen who have seen their fishery affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A drop-off in Norwegian fish exports during the coronavirus crisis led to many whitefish vessels tying-up as prices and demand dropped-off.

The Norwegian Fisheries Association said:

Norges Fiskarlag has worked to get this opening to transfer quantity to 2021, due to the extraordinary situation in society and the markets. The Directorate of Fisheries has responded by proposing a solution and the consultation has now been processed in an internal round of the organisation. The working committee has made the decision on the matter and you can read the Fisheries Council’s decision below.

It is the quota agreement with Russia that allows up to 10 percent of the quantity to be transferred from one year to another and therefore no further increase is proposed.

The proposal from the Directorate of Fisheries allows for access to quota transfer of cod at vessel level of 10% from 2020 to 2021, and it is pointed out that this is an opportunity to save 10% of the vessel quota for next year. It is also proposed that the scheme may include cod trawlers, conventional deep sea fishing vessels and vessels in a closed group over 11 meters.

The fishery team also emphasizes that it is positive that not only cod is transferred at group level, but right down to vessel level. This helps to provide flexibility and opportunity to plan the fishing for the individual vessels which we find very positive.”

The decision of the Fisheries Team:

«The Norwegian Fisheries Association refers to the Directorate of Fisheries’ consultation note of 10 June. on quota transfer at vessel level in fishing for cod north of 62 ° N from 2020 to 2021.

The Norwegian Fisheries Association is satisfied that the authorities have listened to the industry in this matter, cf. Fiskarlagen’s request of March 30 th. and subsequent telephone meetings between the authorities and the industry.

The consultation note assumes that it will be possible to transfer up to 10% of the vessel quota from 2020 to 2021. Norges Fiskarlag finds it possible to support this decision as it will initially be necessary to limit access to quota transfer at vessel level from 2020 to 2021 to 10%, so as not to conflict with the overall framework for the scheme. However, there may be grounds for increasing access to quota transfer further in this year’s scheme, and this should be clarified a little later in the year when you see how fishing for cod develops. However, it is important not to displace the established quota allocations. 

In the consultation memorandum, the Directorate of Fisheries has assumed that the above scheme shall apply to a closed group of more than 11 meters, and cod and conventional sea. Norges Fiskarlag supports this proposal, and at the same time requests that trawl be included in the scheme. This vessel group has a vessel quota of 200 tonnes in 2020 and should be able to be included in the scheme in the same way as cod trawlers. On the basis of an equal treatment principle and that the scheme is an ad hoc solution for 2020-2021, Fiskarlaget advocates that vessels under 11 meters in a closed group also be included in the scheme, although a slight over-regulation in the vessel quota (guaranteed) for these vessels is included. . It involves a small number of vessels and a limited quantity. 

The Norwegian Fisheries Association agrees that the terms that were set in connection with access to quota transfer for the deep sea fishing fleet from 2017 to 2018 will also form the basis for the new scheme. Furthermore, we assume that in this year’s scheme there will also be no link between the use of the random fishing scheme and the access to quota transfer, so that the use of one scheme does not exclude the use of the other scheme.

The Norwegian Fisheries Association further agrees that the access to transfer unqualified quantity to next year is conditional on the catch being registered on the vessel’s participant access in the current year. We believe that this condition should apply to all groups.

In conclusion, the Norwegian Fisheries Association will request the fisheries authorities as soon as possible to arrange for an ordinary quota flexibility scheme at the vessel level for cod, haddock and saithe north of 62 ° N, as the Storting recently adopted (resolution 553) in connection with the processing of the quota notification, cf. Sett. 243 S (2019-2020). »

Source: Norges Fiskarlag

Norwegian Fisheries Association welcomes 2021 Cod Quota Transfer

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