Norwegian boats report continued mackerel fishing in the north and attractive North Sea herring from the east of Shetland

Norwegian boats report continued mackerel fishing in the north and attractive North Sea herring from the east of Shetland. Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag/Helge Skavlan

Norges Sildesalgslag reports continued mackerel fishing in the north and attractive North Sea herring from the east of Shetland during last week (Week 26 of 2022).

Kenneth Garvik of ‘The Herring Company’ reports:


North Sea herring:

We are in the final phase of the main season for North Sea herring, and last week we registered 2,700 tonnes.
This is divided into seven different boats, where two of them have had two trips. One of these is the Swedish boat “Astrid Marie” which fished over 1,100 tonnes.

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The main part of the herring is fished east of Shetland where the herring sizes are in the range 190-210 grams. This is in demand for herring for the production of top herring fillets, and something Norwegian buyers have received too little from this summer.

There has been a varied collection of herring, where one day good trawl halls were taken and then settled out again. To get big catches, the boats depend on using trawls.

In the Norwegian zone, “Hovden Viking” has hunted the even larger herring on the northeastern edge of the Viking Bank. Unfortunately, there were only a couple of smaller catches of 70 and 80 tonnes with average sizes of 230-240 grams.
In this area, there are only “cracks” all over the sea and it is difficult to find something to put a net on.

We expect little activity in the future as most consumer facilities have taken a few weeks off.


The smallest coastal fleet still has its mackerel fishing and a total of 2,200 tonnes were fished last week.

Of this, as much as 2,100 tonnes have been fished in the north, while the rest have been fished on the coast from Hjelmeland in the south and further north in western Norway to Vanylven in the north.

In the north, the mackerel has been spread over a large area and there is a report of large casting activity to gather enough for a trip ashore. Mackerel has been fished from the areas around Støtt in the south, via Lofoten and all the way north to areas west of Andøya.
This week’s quantity in the north is distributed over just under 60 boats, so the average will not be quite that large.

The mackerel here is large with average weights in the range of 500 grams.

If the mackerel does not gather better and the fishing picks up in the future, then more people are considering taking a summer holiday for a while.

Otherwise, fishing for mackerel for land nets was stopped on 01 July. In addition, before the weekend there was a temporary co-fishing scheme for the smallest vessels in a closed group.

Blue whiting:

2,100 tonnes of blue whiting have been reported from nine different boats. Most boats have fished along the “Edge” in combi fishing. A boat, “Nordsjøbas” has been in the Norwegian Sea and fished well over 1,000 tonnes of blue whiting.

Otherwise, 1,100 tonnes of Norway pout and 400 tonnes of herring have been caught.

In 12 different boats, 4,500 tonnes of blue whiting were registered last week. The catches vary from a few tonnes from combi fishing along the “Edge” to over 1,000 tonnes from the Norwegian Sea.

In the Norwegian Sea, three boats, mainly from blue whiting trawls, have fished reasonably well for blue whiting around N 64⁰.

Just under 1,000 tonnes Norway pout, and currently 320 tonnes of herring have been fished.

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Norwegian boats report good mackerel and North Sea herring in Week 26

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