Norwegian fishing boats have now started the Sandeel fisheries in earnest

News from Norges Sildelagets this week is that the blue whiting fishery is coming to an end and the sandeel fishery has begun.


Five vessels took part when the fishery started on April 15th. 

The fishery varied somewhat but catches were considered good and some vessels recorded over 300 tonnes after the first day. The first catches came from the Klondyke but the fleet, consisting of 12 vessels, have now moved to Inner Shoal.

So far, well over 10,000 tonne. The size of the fish is considered good, but the fat percent is low this early in the season.

Today, the Sillie Marie and the Vea has caught 690 tonnes and yesterday a total of 537 was caught by the Haflu.

Sildelagets are expecting decent activity in the fishery this week with even more vessels set to join the sandeel fleet on the fishing grounds.

Blue Whiting

The blue whiting fishery is coming to an end and most of the vessels have caught their quotas. 

A total of 8.8 tonne was reported this week. Eight catches of a total of 8.3 tonne were caught off St. Kilda and two catches of barely 500 tonne was caught in the North Sea. By Sunday there was one vessel left on the grounds.

 Horse Mackerel

Sildelagets vessels have registered a few catches of horse mackerel this week as well, a total of 230 tonne. 80 tonne of these were caught in the blue whiting fishery in the North Sea. 150 tonne were caught on the west coast of Norway, from the fjords in Ryfylke fo Møre. 


One vessel caught 240 tonne of Norway Pout. In addition, there’s been some other species reported a bycatches.


The herring’s inspectors plan to resume control of the quay for the landing of pelagic catches

Guidelines have been drawn up in cooperation with the Coast Guard, the Directorate of Fisheries and the Maritime Service on how to safely carry out physical checks on landings of pelagic fish. This is done in order to have a comprehensive and common approach to limiting the risk of infection.

The various elements of control are risk-assessed and measures are implemented to safely carry out such controls.

On the part of the Herring Team, we will rely on our own measures, and what applies to reception and vessels with the restrictions this gives. In the main, the checks will take place as normal, but with the addition of the requirements given by the Institute of Public Health.

The Nor-Fishing Foundation will make a final decision regarding this year’s fair by May 15

The Nor-Fishing Foundation has said that the demanding situation we all face means that no one knows what will happen in the coming months. Right now we do not know if it will be possible to implement Nor-Fishing 2020 as planned in the period 18-21. August, but they hope that it will be possible.

For the last 5-6 weeks, the Nor-Fishing Foundation has worked to facilitate the implementation of Nor-Fishing in the period 18-21. August should it be possible. They have extended all deadlines and postponed billing of stand rentals, so that the financial consequences of a possible cancellation are as small as possible for our exhibitors.

By May 15, it will be decided whether the fair will be held

Just after Easter, we did a survey among the exhibitors to identify what they believe is the deadline for deciding whether to hold this year’s fair. 

“We are very grateful that as many as 60% of those surveyed responded to the survey. It gives us a very good basis for setting the deadline. The clear feedback is that May 15 should be the deadline for deciding whether Nor-Fishing 2020 goes as planned,” said Nor-fishing.

The foundation has therefore decided that May 15 is the absolute deadline for making this decision. The decision on the fair to be held may come earlier than May 15 as a result of new guidelines for such events, which are expected to come from the government by May 1.

“As soon as a final decision is made, it will be communicated to all concerned via newsletters and on our digital platforms, concluded Nor-fishing.

We set deadlines

We have decided to postpone all deadlines before the summer by 1 month. This means that billing of stand rental, sending usernames and passwords to the online store etc. will be postponed for the time being.

The Nor-Fishing foundation has had a close dialogue with the hotels in the Trondheim area and G Travel. Together we have concluded that the deadline for cancellation of hotel rooms for this year’s fair is postponed to 15 June.

This means that no one has to pay the hotel room rate if the hotel rooms are canceled by 15 June. This applies to hotel rooms booked through Nor-Fishing’s partner, G Travel. Regarding G Travel’s standard cancellation fees, they still apply (NOK 250 per room).

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the hotels that have been very solution oriented!

The Nor-Fishing Foundation is in ongoing dialogue with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and follows the authorities’ updates and recommendations regarding Covid-19, the Coronavirus.