Coastal state negotiations ended with an agreement on Norwegian spring-spawning herring on a total quota for blue whiting in 2023 Good herring fishing for Norwegian fleet in week 22 of 2022  The MSC has accused NE Atlantic coastal states of continued overexploitation of pelagic stocks The Norwegian pelagic fleet reported a good fishing for herring in the north but the best mackerel landings from foreign vessels in Week 43 week 47

Coastal states negotiations ended with an agreement on Norwegian spring-spawning herring on a total quota for blue whiting in 2023

In the coastal state negotiations on Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NVG herring) and blue whiting, an agreement was signed on 06 December 2022 on a total quota for blue whiting of 1,359,629 tonnes. 

For NVG herring, an agreement on a total quota of 511,171 tonnes was concluded on 4 November and signed per correspondence afterwards.

“I am happy that we have now agreed on the total quotas for both NVG herring and coal mullet for 2023, and that both stocks are managed within safe biological and sustainable frameworks. There is still disagreement about the quota distribution for both stocks, but the coastal states have agreed to meet early in 2023 to start work on the distribution discussions,” says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bjørnar Skjæran.

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All parties agree that the total quota must be determined in accordance with the professional recommendations of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). It has also been agreed that the coastal states will continue the work with analyzes for zonal hearing for both coal mullet and herring, which is important knowledge for the future.

Norway, the EU, Great Britain, the Faroe Islands and Iceland are the coastal states for coal mullet, while the coastal states for herring are Norway, Russia, Great Britain, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

As regards agreements on zone access for Norwegian fishermen in other countries’ zones, this will be negotiated through the bilateral negotiations.

The final quotas for Norwegian fishermen for next year will be clear after the regulations have been determined and the final figures for quota changes and the year’s fishing are available.


Agreed Record on Blue Whiting – 2023.pdf

Agreed Record NSSH for 2023 – signed.pdf

Agreed record – 2023 – NVG-sild – uk-doc-signed.pdf

Source: Press Release

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Norway welcomes coastal states agreements on Blue Whiting and Herring

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