Norway will introduce electric reporting for all fishing vessels.

 Electronic reporting will become compulsory for all fishing vessels according to the Fisheries Ministry of Norway.

The proposal to introduce electronic reporting for all Norwegian fishing and trapping vessels is a direct follow-up to the Fisheries Control Committee. The proposal entails requirements for electronic reporting for all Norwegian fishing and trapping vessels, and will help to prevent illegal and unreported fishing activities. 

The committee, which presented its report before Christmas last year, should look at how new technology can provide increased assurance that Norwegian fish on the market are legally fished and traded. 

One of the proposals for the committee was to introduce requirements for electronic reporting of catch, activity and position data for all Norwegian fishing and trapping vessels. 

Data on who is fishing, what and how much is fished and when and where to fish is necessary information to document that fishing is legal. Currently, the fishing vessels exceeding 15 metres are subject to position reporting requirements while fishing. The proposal to extend the requirement to apply to the entire fleet will be implemented quickly by having the smallest boats use today’s reporting solutions.

The Directorate of Fisheries has prepared a specific proposal for a change in regulations. The Ministry of Industry and Fisheries has asked the Directorate of Fisheries to submit this proposal for consultation.

At the same time, the Control Committee recommended that a requirement be made that the vessels must report when they plan to land the catch.

“This proposal is important for the Directorate of Fisheries to be able to plan their inspections, and to prevent some actors from escaping control by adjusting the delivery time to when there is no control. I have therefore asked the Directorate to include this in the proposal, which is now being sent for consultation,” says the Minister of Fisheries, Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen.

Source: Fiskebat


Norway to make Electronic Reporting compulsory for all fishing vessels

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