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The Norwegian mackerel fleet still on the hunt in Norwegian Zone for mackerel shoals

So far, there is little to report from the mackerel fleet, the mackerel has not appeared in the Norwegian zone reports Norges Sildesalgslag

The majority of the fleet of more than 15 boats is currently in the middle of the Norwegian Sea looking for mackerel. But unlike herring, unfortunately the mackerel has not appeared in the waters.

It is steak black and no mackerel, it is reported from Gunnar Langva which is around 61 ° N together with the rest of the field.

Steinevik, which is located somewhat further north in the Norwegian zone, at the northern tip of the EU zone around 63 ° N, has not made the major mackerel discoveries either. There are also a good number of Faroese who report a lot of blue whiting in the area.

In Shetland, on the other hand, some mackerel have been observed, but they are full of bait. So you can ask questions about where this mackerel does when it becomes bait free.

“I have little faith that the mackerel has passed the Norwegian zone and gone to Shetland, but we will see where the first catch is taken this year,” says sales manager Odd Fredrik Andersen.

Last year, Fiskebas was the first to catch mackerel on 19 September. Then the fish was taken all the way west in the Norwegian zone. This was a bit late, but the fleet was hesitant due to the bait problem the year before.

“It will be exciting to see when we get the first catch this year and from which area,” Andersen concludes.


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Norway Pelagic fleet on the hunt in Norwegian Zone for Elusive Mackerel

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