“Norway is ready to negotiate” with the UK in relation to a fisheries agreement says the Norwegian Trade Minister.

In a press release Iselin Nybø saidThe UK is one of our most important trading partners, and only last year we exported goods and services worth around NOK 219 billion. We will do everything we can to get a free trade agreement in place by the end of the year. But an agreement will not be able to replace the EEA agreement, and Norwegian business will face increased barriers to trade from 2021.”

Minister of Fisheries and Seafood, Geir-Inge Sivertsen sees the UK as an important trade partner especially in the seafood sector and said “In the negotiations, market access and veterinary barriers in particular will be important for seafood trade.

“If the EU and the UK agree on regulatory cooperation that is important for trade in goods and services, Norway will try to enter into similar solutions with the UK. How extensive a new agreement can be must be seen in the context of the very short time we have to negotiate a new agreement, and that Norway in some areas depends on solutions between the EU and the UK.”

Norway recognises the significance of the UK becoming an Independent Coastal State and in the area of ​​fisheries, the aim is to establish a new agreement that includes the UK as such. 

“There are issues of mutual access to each other’s waters, setting quotas, switching quotas, control measures and joint management between Norway, the United Kingdom and the EU for the common stocks in the North Sea. In addition, the UK must be included in the coastal state negotiations on Norwegian spring spawning herring, hake and mackerel. For a long time, we have had a good bilateral dialogue with both the EU and the UK on these issues.” continued the Minister of Fisheries and Seafood.

The Minister concluded by saying “Agreements concluded in the fisheries management area with Norway for 2020 will not be affected by Britain’s exit from the EU. Now we want to strengthen the management of common stocks as we now move from two to three coastal states in the North Sea. I will give priority to dialogue with the UK and the EU in the future, to ensure a good process in the process of negotiating new agreements. The Norwegian fisheries industry is concerned with questions about future exchange and access regimes, and I will focus on this in the future.”

Source: Fiskebat

“Norway is ready to Negotiate” says Storting Ministers

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