The EU, Norway and the Faroe Islands have signed a new agreement of pelagic fisheries in the NE Atlantic

The EU, Norway and the Faroe Islands have signed a cooperation agreement on control measures for fishing of mackerel, herring, hake and horse mackerel in the Northeast Atlantic.

“I am pleased that Norway, the EU and the Faroe Islands have signed an agreement on the control of fishing for mackerel, herring, hake and horse mackerel. Effective measures that ensure correct registration of the resource utilization and compliance with the regulations are a prerequisite for fair competition. This is an essential part of international cooperation on fisheries management,” says Fisheries and Seafood Minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen (H) in a press release.

Want to join several countries

Norway has for several years collaborated with the EU and the Faroe Islands on improving fisheries control and developing joint control measures for the large pelagic stocks. The agreement that has now been signed is a continuation and strengthening of this cooperation.

“Such measures are fundamental to being able to manage our resources properly. Therefore, I would urge the other coastal states to join this binding resource control cooperation,” says Ingebrigtsen.

Correct registration

The agreement strengthens, inter alia, measures to reduce the risk of slipping, drafting and sorting (high-grading). The basis for correct registration of the fish is improved by adapting the permissible water extraction to the actual amount of water that actually follows the weight, and the correct deduction of packaging (tare) is strengthened.

Another new and important element concerns the weighing systems used when pelagic fish are landed. The parties have agreed on measures that will make it more difficult to manipulate the systems. This will make it easier to detect any crime.

Common Rules

The agreement also means that common framework conditions have been put in place for how water filtration is to be carried out at reception and production facilities of products in the flour and oil sector.

“Violation of regulations undermines the sustainable management of marine resources and damages the environment, industry and society. Sustainable fisheries management requires that the regulations and international agreements are respected and that the countries have confidence in each other’s management and quota accounting,” says Ingebrigtsen.


Norway, EU & Faroe Islands sign new agreement on pelagic fisheries

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