The Ministry of Trade and Fisheries in Norway has adopted regulation of the catch of king crab

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries in has adopted regulation of the catch of king crab. Photo: Norway HI

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries has adopted regulation of the catch of king crab in the quota-regulated area east of 26°E in 2023. The regulation will continue essentially without changes in 2023.

“The king crab leads to great value creation in Aust-Finnmark and ripple effects beyond the region. Stability and more predictability for the fishermen have been a goal of the regulation. At a time when fishing is going well, we will continue the regulation for 2023 without significant changes,” says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bjørnar Skjæran.

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Quotas and provisions

The total quota has been set at 2,375 tonnes of male crabs and 120 tonnes of female crabs in 2023. Of the total quota, 1 tonne of male crabs is also set aside for recreational fishing, 4 tonnes for research and 13 tonnes for tourist fishing and tourism companies, and in addition 100 tonnes for bycatch in fishing with bottom net and bottom line. In addition, 15 tonnes have been set aside for the continuation of the youth capture scheme and 5 tonnes for the teaching quota. Vessels can catch and land up to 10 percent of injured male crabs and 8 percent of female crabs.

The provision for the king crab by-catch scheme for fishing with bottom nets and bottom lines will continue at the same level as in 2022, and the permitted by-catch of 3 per cent remains fixed.

The month of April is closed for king crab fishing out of consideration for the king crab’s shell change, but activity from tourism companies is excluded because it takes place on a limited scale. In addition, short-term periods of closure have been adopted to facilitate research trips in and outside the quota-regulated area. Here, too, activity from tourism companies has been exempted.

Source: Press Release

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Norway announces regulation on king crab fisheries for 2023

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