north eastern ifca lobsters

Some of the lobsters seized by the North Eastern IFCA. Photo: North Eastern IFCA.

The North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority have announced the seizure of illegally caught lobsters.

Fisheries Officers carried out an inspection at a small independent shellfish merchants in Sunderland on Tuesday 08 September. The inspection resulted in the finding of 16 undersized lobsters, 2 V-Notched lobsters, 6 mutilated lobster tails, 2 soft shelled lobsters, and 8 egg bearing lobsters. 

The North Eastern IFCA confirmed that all the lobsters found in the inspection were returned to the fishery alive.

The IFCA warned “Removing undersized lobsters, V-notched lobsters & egg bearing lobsters will have damaging effects on the stock of the fishery and will affect the next generation of fishermen.”


Brian J McMullin Solicitors
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North Eastern IFCA make seizure of illegally caught lobsters

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