There has been a positive start to the Norwegian North Sea Summer Herring season

Norges Sildesalgslag has reported a positive start to the North Sea summer herring season with more than 1,500 tonnes registered last week.

This is divided into six catches varying from 80 tonnes to 500 tonnes.

Sjøglans’ left  Egersund on 18 May, and after one day’s fishing reported 275 tonnes, taken at the Viking Bank. They reported a good quantity of herring, and on Wednesday we received several entries confirming that there was good fishing in the area.

The size of the herring is somewhat on the small side with average sizes from 138 to 149 grams. Herring producers report a consistent herring, with preliminary fat analyzes showing over 13%. Something that is positive considering the cold May so far.

The “canning industry” has noticed an increased consumption since the COVID-19 crisis has begun and a lot of these herring will go straight for processing in that sector.

The North Sea Summer herring is certified under the the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

North Sea herring: 3-7 pcs / kg: January – MarsMatjes herring: May – June

The North Sea herring spawns in the fall, from the northeast coast of Scotland and to the Doggerbank where it spawns in the period between August and October. This area is spread in the North Sea and on the continental shelf west of the British Isles.

The North Sea herring is growing fast. In its first year of life, this type of herring can be up to 12 – 16 cm. long.




fat content


North Sea


3 – 7 pcs. pr. kg.


August – April

The summer months

January – March


10 – 30%

18 – 25%

About. 10%


Common fishing gear:

Ringnote, trawl and yarn.

Nutritional content:

Herring is an excellent vitamin source for A, D and B 12.

Source: Norges Sildesalgslag

Norges Sildesalgslag report positive fishing on North Sea Summer Herring

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