The Norges North Sea Herring season is continuing to be favouralbe for the Norwegian fleet. Photo: Roger Nygård /Norges Sildesalgslag

Norges Sildesalgslag is reporting good North Sea Summer Herring fishing with approximately 18,240 tonnes landed, 16% of the total quota.

Twenty-eight Norwegian fishing vessels are involved in the operation which includes 17 purse-seine netters. At first, the catches were taken on the Viking bank, the Oseberg Field, but later in the week the fleet moved further south and now over the weekend the fleet is in the area between Heimdal and Balder, towards the border of the EU zone. On Thursday, some vessels were over the border and inside the EU zone and 1,125 tonnes were taken altogether.

The herring caught so far is of a not very large size, averaging 122 to 182 grams and with a weighted total cut of 138 grams. But interest on the buyer side is good and canned production is underway, 2,900 tonnes have been delivered or on route for this use. Both Norwegian and Danish fish market auctions are busy with a high demand coming from across Europe where products containing Vitamin D.

It is expected that more fishing boats will join the herring season as it progresses with over 95,000 tonnes of the 113,975 tonne quota left to be caught.

“Next week good pressure is expected in fishing and we hope the fleet finds good conditions in the Norwegian zone,” says Sildesalgslag. “Participation is expected to increase over time.”

At this stage in 2019, the Norwegian fleet caught just 5,030 tonnes (4.39%) of the 114,677 tonne quota. The North Sea Summer Herring season is expected to run until the end of September.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), has recommended a 6.7 percent reduction in the quota for North Sea herring next year. 

According to ICES, the total allowable catch (TAC) should not exceed 359,367 tonnes.

Source: Norges Sildesalgslag


Norges North Sea Herring fishing continues with another favourable week

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