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The new Selvåg Senior, due to be completed in 2023, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent compared to similar vessels

When the new Selvåg Senior is completed in 2023, it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent compared to similar vessels says a company oficial.

“For us, it is important to align with the goals that the governing authorities have seen to reduce their total greenhouse gas emissions. Here, shipping plays an important role, and we have therefore taken this seriously and allowed it to permeate the entire process of developing our new vessel,” says Egil Sørheim of Selvåg Senor AS.

Collaborates with SINTEF
It is Ship Engineering in Ålesund who has designed the boat for the Meløyselskabet in close collaboration with, among others, SINTEF through the Optikjøl and Coolfish program, which have developed cooling technology.

New Selvåg Senior will replace today’s Selvåg Senior which was built in 1999. The new vessel will be equipped with a 350 m3 gas tank that is vertically in the front, and a large battery pack of 1MWh. In addition to hybrid solutions on progress, a great deal of work has been done to find optimal solutions for heat and cooling recovery.

“When the gas is under pressure, it is cooled down considerably. It must therefore warm up before it can be used as fuel. That way we can use the cold to cool the fish with. When the gas is used as fuel it releases heat, which we can again use for heating. This allows us to use the temperatures in an optimal way,” says Sørheim.

“Broadly speaking, we get half the benefit of using LNG as fuel, while the other half comes as a result of other measures such as heat and cold recovery, hull design, electric winches, etc.,” Sørheim says.

The new Selvåg Senior becomes a plug-in hybrid, which means it can charge batteries from power sources on land when it is at the dock. Still, there are few quay facilities that have sufficient electricity to offer this. Selvåg Senior is therefore equipped with a diesel auxiliary engine that will need to charge the battery on board, when the boat a bit to dock for unloading. According to Sørheim, this will have an operating time of just over 50 hours a year, so it will not account for the large emissions of CO2.

“We rely on public support from Enova and the NOx Fund to achieve this. These have provided support for corresponding solutions earlier, so I expect that will work out. The calculation also includes that LNG is a more affordable fuel than diesel, so in the long term, the investments will probably pay off, both for the shrimp team and not least for the large community, since we reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Sørheim.

Selvåg Senior, technical facts;

– Pelagic fishing vessel of 80 meters designed by Skipsteknisk AS in Ålesund

– Newly developed vertical LNG tank with cold recovery

– DF Motor: Wärtsila 8V31DF

– Plug-in hybrid Variable speed 520-750rpm with 690V / 60Hz on grid

– Landstraum – 400V / 50Hz / 360A

– Battery capacity 1MWh

Selvåg Senior, environmental facts;

Reduction in emissions during LNG operation and all measures, cf. compare new tonnage of the same type;

SOx: 97%

NOx: 85%

CO2: 45%

Total reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 42 per cent. This includes 6.37 tonnes of methane.

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New Selvåg Senior will have the Environment in Focus

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