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Seafood Scotland has appointed Jeni Adamson as Industry Engagement Manager signalling the intention to have deeper industry engagement

Seafood Scotland, the national trade and marketing body for Scottish seafood, has created a new key role as it works to promote the industry around the globe and at home.

Jeni Adamson has been appointed Industry Engagement Manager.  She joins Seafood Scotland after six years working for Lantra, a leading awarding body improving skills and opportunities in the land-based and environment sector.

With a degree in Marine Biology and a masters in Estuarine & Coastal Science, Jeni has strong industry knowledge.  She held a number of roles for Lantra, including engagement lead for aquaculture where she pursued effective partnerships within the industry in Scotland, and contributed to the outcomes of the Aquaculture Skills Steering Group.

Jeni will support Seafood Scotland in strengthening relationships with key stakeholders across the entire supply chain of Scottish seafood.  She will deliver projects that will aid in the development of the seafood industry in Scotland, such as the organisation and planning of the Responsible Seafood Summit which will be held in St Andrews in October 2024, attracting attendees from around the globe.

Donna Fordyce, chief executive of Seafood Scotland, said: “Engaging with industry is crucial to ensuring that the programmes and activities we deliver are relevant and helpful for all sectors of our industry, including family-run inshore businesses, pelagic trawlers, fish farmers, processors, restaurants and fish shops.  Our ambition is always to make it easier for the industry to do business.”

Source: Press Release

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