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A new Danish fishing quotas register makes it possible to see who owns which fishing quota. Photo DFPO

The Danish Fisheries Agency has developed a register of quota shares, which makes it possible to see who owns which quotas. The register should create more openness and help fishermen comply with the rules.

Which persons, companies or vessels own which fishing quotas – and how many quotas do they own? These questions can now be answered in the quota share register via the Danish Fisheries Agency’s website.

“We have developed a register that provides free access to information on ownership of allowances and licenses. The individual fisherman now has a much better opportunity to check his own quotas and thus a better opportunity to comply with the rules on quota concentration, just as the general public now also has the opportunity to follow which persons, companies or vessels own which quotas and how many they own,” says director Nanna Møller.

With the new register, it is possible to get a current insight into ownership at both person, company and vessel level for both FKA and IOK quotas.

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The quota share register has been developed as a follow-up to the criticism from the National Audit Office in August 2017 regarding lack of transparency in the then Agriculture and Fisheries Agency’s quota management.

“Since the establishment of the new Danish Fisheries Agency in November 2017, we have been working hard to restore both administrative practice and infrastructure. The development of this new gear is a really good example that we have reached another important step towards the development of a transparent and modern fisheries management,” says Nanna Møller.

The new register will be able to request information on a person’s direct and indirect ownership, which will be comparable to the applicable quota ceilings. However, it will not be clear whether the person, company or vessel has a dispensation from the quota concentration rules or whether the person in question is covered by transitional provisions.

The register will initially include information on the current quota ownership, but is expected to be expanded to also include information on B quotas, upon the entry into force of these rules – expected on 1 January 2021.

Read more about how you can use the Quota
Register Go directly to the quota share register (best opened in Google Chrome) See examples of extracts from the register (pdf)


  • FKA quotas (vessel quota shares ) include consumer species such as cod, Norway lobster and plaice.
  • IOC quotas (individually transferable quota shares) include herring, mackerel and industrial fish.
  • Data for the quota share calculator is updated once a day and shows a snapshot of ownership shares of licenses. Thus, it is not possible to generate historical inventories.

Source: Press Release

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New register creates openness about who owns Danish fishing quotas

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