Norwegian fishing company Leinebris, has made an agreement to build a unique combi-vessel. Image: Skipsteknisk A/S

Norwegian fishing company Leinebris, has made an agreement to build a unique combi-vessel. Image: Skipsteknisk AS

The Leinebris management team has made an agreement to build a unique and future-oriented fishing boat, with a razor-sharp focus on reliability and quality.

“The sum of all the new investments means that we will reach the sustainability target by 2030 and limit our footprint on the sea.” That is what the manager, Paul Harald Leinebø, and chairman, Åge Uran, of Leinebris AS say.

Skipsteknisk reported on Wednesday 01 February, that an agreement has been made for new construction with the Turkish shipyard Tersan Shipyard, with a great design from Skipsteknisk AS.

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Over time, the parties have worked closely together to arrive at the best investments and green solutions.


New Leinebris will be equipped with a large battery pack and three generator sets for diesel-electric propulsion.

Innovative are the Azimut thrusters in stern and bow for more efficient energy use and manoeuvring.

In particular, there has been a focus on making use of all the energy produced on board, and the boat has electric deck equipment and winches.

“We want to fish for the future and take care of the resources we have in the best possible way. Then we have to both think new and build new,” says Leinebø.

Through sustainable fisheries and resource management, the management team wants to inspire and contribute to Norway as a seafood nation being able to set an example and make it easier for people to make environmentally friendly food choices.

Norwegian fishing company Leinebris, has made an agreement to build a unique combi-vessel. Image: Skipsteknisk A/S

Paul Harald Leinebø, Åge Uran, Øyvind Uran and Christer Remø Leinebø from Leinebris AS.

Unique combi-vessel

New Leinebris will also be the first vessel to combine both line, seine and net. This will give flexibility to be able to use the travel that leaves the least climate footprint.

“This will optimise and make the fishery more efficient, where we can adapt the choice of travel according to season and fishing pattern,” Uran elaborates.

The new vessel will also have RSW tanks to be able to bring the fish alive on board and for production, and with possibilities to unload directly from the tanks to shore.

“We do all this to achieve the best possible quality of the fish we take on board. As line fishermen, we know how important it is, and are confident of passing on the knowledge and experience we have from line fishing to seine fishing,” says Paul Harald Leinebø in the press release from the fishing team.

Double cargo decks, covered working decks and moonpool will ensure the safety of the crew.

Silage production and handling of by-products ensure that all fish that come on board are fully utilized.

Ready for fishing in 2025

The new building is planned to be ready for fishing in about two years, with a length of 64.90 meters and a width of 15 metres.

The owners have been very satisfied with the collaboration between Skipsteknisk, Tersan Shipyard and the suppliers, and are looking forward to an exciting construction project in the future.

“We would like to thank all our partners who have believed in us and make this possible. The fact that we have so many young and talented people in the crew, both on board and on land, makes us motivated and equipped to build for the future,” concludes Leinebø.

Source: Press Release

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New order for Norwegian fishing company will be unique combi-vessel

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