Skulebas norwegian fisheries training vessel

The SKULEBAS, a new fisheries training and research vessel, has been christened in a ceremony at Måløy secondary school

SKULEBAS, the new state-of-the-art fisheries training vessel was christened at Måløy on Friday 18 August last, following on from its launch in May this year.

The 35-metre training and research fishing vessel, SKULEBAS was built by at the Hvide Sande Shipyard in Denmark and has a dedicated teaching facility and an experienced crew of instructors and teachers to guide students through the various aspects of fishing. Its design is tailored specifically for the Norwegian fishing industry and to provide multi-faceted training for those looking at fishing as a career path.

Outfitted with the latest technology and commercial fishing systems, SKULEBAS has accommodation for twenty students and crew.

Speaking at the christening ceremony, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association’s senior advisor Henriette Skaar welcomed the new vessel saying, “A new and state-of-the-art training vessel will provide students being educated at the school with the best experience they can get.”

Friday marked a milestone for Måløy Upper Secondary School. The new training vessel, costing over 100 million Norwegian kroner (€8.5m/£7.3m), was christened in grand celebration at the school. On Saturday, the vessel set sail for Måløy harbour, and many people came to see the new vessel.

During the christening, Henriette Skaar extended her greetings and highlighted the importance of education and the vessel:

“On behalf of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, I want to congratulate Måløy Upper Secondary School on the new training vessel.

“For many years, we at the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association have received well-educated and motivated fishermen from Måløy Upper Secondary School to fill important positions of trust in our organization, and our member vessels have welcomed engaged and skilled young people aboard their ships.

Skulebas norwegian fisheries training vesse

Silje Restad together with Henriette Skaar. Silje is a teacher at the school and one of two helmsmen on the vessel.

“Equipped with hybrid propulsion using diesel-electric power generation and a 1000 kW battery pack, the vessel will provide students with valuable knowledge on the path toward the green transformation in the fishing fleet.

“Today is a festive day, but it is also an arena to communicate concerns. The fishing and catching program at Måløy Upper Secondary School have been the hope for the future and the opportunities for young people who have fallen outside or not fit into the theoretical school system. Through practical school life, these young people have found their place, gained self-confidence, and believed in their own vocational future. As the average grades increase and continue to rise, these young people will lose an important opportunity to find their place in society and contribute to the community. We urgently request that the county municipality increases the capacity of the fishing and catching program to maintain this important offering.

“I was fortunate enough to accompany the old SKULEBAS on a trip in the fall of 2018. An experience for a lifetime, together with skilled youth, diesel scent, and seasickness. I am looking forward to a new invitation with the New SKULEBAS.

“We at the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association are excited to follow the New SKULEBAS, its students, and Måløy Upper Secondary School.”

The vessel is equipped for bottom trawling and pelagic trawling, in addition to longlining and net fishing, and the mess hall on board is designed to also function as a classroom for 15 students.


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