NAIS, you can follow sea traffic in Norwegian waters in real time

NAIS allows the Norwegian public to track sea traffic in Norwegian waters in real time

On the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s new online service NAIS, you can follow sea traffic in Norwegian waters in real time.

The new service which was recently introduced can follow the traffic picture along the coast and in Norwegian sea areas in real time, it allows for you to search for single vessels up to a week back in time, get weather data, and click on virtual symbols in the map to see details about reefs and grounds. You can also download maritime traffic data as an open data stream to develop new digital services or further develop existing systems or applications.

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“With NAIS, the Norwegian Coastal Administration makes large parts of public AIS data more accessible and user-friendly. This helps to strengthen maritime safety and preparedness at sea. It is also completely in line with the government’s policy of making public data more accessible to ordinary people,” says Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Bjørnar Skjæran (Labor).

NAIS will be further developed and will eventually have more new functionalities.

  • Services offered in NAIS, version 1.0:
  • Search for vessels in real time (identity, speed and course)
  • Search for vessel movements up to a week back in time
  • See updated weather data
  • Embed map sections on other websites
  • Choose from different map backgrounds
  • Filter on one or more nationalities
  • Click on symbol in map for more information about reefs and grounds
  • Create your own favorite lists and time intervals for vessels you want to follow or track
  • Download an open data stream (API) for display on other websites or for the development of own products
  • Free service

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