A few of FITF’s Trustees and Executive Director at the 2022 Fishing News Awards. L-R Steven Mackinson, Hazel Curtis, Mike Park, Emma Plotnek, Hannah Fennell, Adrian Bartlett & Ashley Mullenger.

Fishing Into the Future Trustees and Executive Director L-R Steven Mackinson, Hazel Curtis, Mike Park, Emma Plotnek, Hannah Fennell, Adrian Bartlett & Ashley Mullenger.

Five new industry experts have been appointed to the Fishing into the Future (FITF) board of trustees, bringing new insights to guide its charitable activities. 

The industry-led charity, Fishing into the Future is an independent UK charity with a mission to deliver long term, sustainable and prosperous fisheries through collaboration, effective dialogue, and mutual understanding between fisheries management, science, and industry stakeholders. Their unique approach ensures that charitable activities are relevant and guided by industry, maintaining minimum of 2/3rds of the Trusteeship as active industry representatives.

As of February 2023, five new Trustees have joined the FITF board of Trustees, creating renewed momentum and new perspectives to guide future projects. The new trustees include Carl Davies a commercial fishermen, skipper, and Marine Science graduate from Conwy; Jenny and Karl Price, a fishing family and owners of the vessel Isobella M, fishing for shellfish out of Bridlington; Jamie Robertson, the Managing Director of the Holderness Fishing Industry Group (HFIG) and Alison Freeman, Fisheries Programme Manager at The Fishmongers’​ Company.

The Trustees are currently sharing ideas around promoting and preparing for co-management and industry participation in the science used in decision making, specifically getting involved in bringing back FITF’s popular in-person events for later in the year, with the Board of Trustees currently focused on planning learning experiences to support engagement in Fisheries Management Plans, to share knowledge and create connections to promote mutual dialogue between the fishing industry, scientists, and fisheries managers. 

Emma Plotnek, FITF Executive Director said:

“We have many experienced, forward-thinking people on our Trusteeship, and bringing new people onboard shows us that they support our core values and believe in the potential we have as a charity.

David Stevens, FIFT Chairperson said:

“We are injecting new ideas and energy into the charity, and continually striving to ensure we grow and adapt in response our belief that long-term sustainability requires fishermen at the heart of fisheries co-management.”

Newly inducted Trustee, Jamie Robertson from HFIG, said:

“As the head of a shell fisherman’s trade association, also participating in industry-led research with our own research vessel, I’m keen to share my insights and guidance with the charity and looking forward to see FITF’s work can benefit the fishermen we work with.”

Newly inducted Trustee, Alison Freeman from Fishmongers’ Company, said:

“I am delighted to have been accepted onto the Board of Trustees at Fishing into the Future. Having worked with Emma and the Trustees for a few years’, I know first-hand the passion and effort that goes into supporting dialogue between stakeholders and an industry-led approach to management and science.”

Jenny and Karl Price, Fishing Family from Bridlington, said:

“We are excited to be part of the FITF team, having gotten to know their work participating on a project together, we are looking forward to being able to put our ideas and knowledge into the mix and helping to bridge the gap between fishermen and science.”

The full board of Trustees can be viewed on FITF’s website. If you would like to get involved with the charity you can visit the website, follow them on social media or contact the FITF Executive Director, Emma Plotnek, for more information.

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