The failure to reach an agreement on mutual zone access on mackerel fishing between Norway and the Faroe Islands will have a detrimental impact on the Faroese fleet The Norwegian Pelagic Fisheries Association (Pelagisk Forening) has been told by the Faroe Island government that there is no special treatment coastal states herring 2024 Faroese herring quota

The Faroese Minister for Fisheries has revealed that the Islands’ still have a significant tonnage of herring quota to be caught for 2023

In a recent parliamentary session, Dennis Holm, the Minister for Fisheries and Infrastructure, addressed a question (Interpellation No. 52-040/2023) from Henrik Old, a Member of Parliament, regarding the quotas for herring, mackerel, and blue whiting in 2023.

In replying to the question, the Minister revealed that the Faroese fishing fleet still has a significant tonnage of herring quota to be caught.

Henrik Old posed three crucial questions to the Minister:

  1. How many tonnes of herring are left to be caught in 2023?
  2. How many tonnes of mackerel are left to be caught in 2023?
  3. How many tonnes of blue whiting are left to be caught in 2023?

Dennis Holm provided detailed responses to each of these inquiries:


To Question 1: Herring Quota

Faroese vessels have been allocated a total quota of 100,313 tonnes of North Atlantic herring for the year 2023. As of now, 5,470 tonnes have been caught, leaving 94,843 tonnes yet to be fished.


To Question 2: Mackerel Quota

In the case of mackerel, Faroese vessels have a designated quota of 187,385 tonnes for 2023. Presently, 172,825 tonnes have already been caught, indicating that there are 14,560 tonnes remaining to be caught.


To Question 3: Blue Whiting Quota

For blue whiting, the allocated quota for Faroese vessels in 2023 is 392,542 tonnes. A substantial portion, 378,438 tonnes, has already been caught, leaving 14,104 tonnes available for catching.

Holm emphasised that these figures are accurate as of 02 November 2023, reflecting the reconciled catch quotas for all specified species.

In addition to the current quotas, Holm explained that vessels possessing unutilised quotas from 2022 have the option to transfer up to 10% of their previous year’s quota to the year 2023. Furthermore, vessels in 2023 with existing quotas can catch 10% more than their allocated quota for the year, with the surplus deducted from their 2024 quota.

The government’s responses provide transparency on the state of fishing quotas, crucial for maintaining sustainable practices in the Faroe Islands’ fisheries.


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