In this episode of Meet my Fishmonger, Oliver is in The Fish Stop – Atlantic Treasures in Killybegs speaking to local celebrity fishmonger Ronan Cunningham.

Ronan is a Facebook celebrity known for his fantastic knowledge of fish and fish dishes, but he is also known as the Singing Fishmonger.

The Atlantic Treasures Fish Stop carries a wide range of fish and accompaniments, and wherever possible Ronan stocks the freshest local fish he can find.

Haddock seems to be the popular choice with the local clientele but there is everything from cod and salmon to squid and prawns available.

With over 24 different of species in the shop there is a large range of pelagic fish (herring and mackerel), demersal species (cod, haddock, monkfish, whiting) and shellfish (lobster, prawns and mussels) to choose from.

The shop stocks the locally processed Atlantic Treasures range of mackerel products and has a variety of choices in herring.

Fresh living lobsters are also available and a wide range of locally made products are stocked on the shelves of the award-winning fishmongers.

When it comes to cooking, Ronan who is a former chef, says that the plain traditional way of cooking fish works best.  a little flour, seasoning and oil in a hot pan is the best way to cook skinless haddock fillets, and he recommends the same for black sole which we will see in another video later.

Ronan’s favourite fish is haddock, although he says he is a big fan of all fish. He says that halibut is a lovely fish, but it is not readily available in Donegal.

As far as unusual fish goes, he says that they once had pink bream in the shop and although it is unusual to find it in Ireland it is becoming more readily available. He says he did once have a really rare fish in a fish. Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Meet My Fishmonger - Ronan Cunningham, The Fish Stop, Killybegs

by The Fishing Daily Podcast Audio

In this second part of the podcast, Oliver speaks to Ronan about the local products available in the shop and learns from the expert on how to prepare a black sole for cooking.

Meet My Fishmonger - Ronan Cunningham, The Fish Stop, Killybegs - Part II

by The Fishing Daily Podcast Audio