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In the first episode of our new podcast “Meet My Fishmonger, our Marketing Assistant, Will Hansen, all the way from Minnesota, USA heads to St Paul to his local fishmongers at Coastal Seafoods where he meets Daniel and Drew who talk all things fish.

In “Meet My Fishmonger”, The Fishing Daily is asking the public to go out there and introduce everyone to the hard working and dedicated people who deliver us our fresh fish across the counter

Coastal Seafoods was founded in 1981 by banker turned fishmonger Suzanne Weinstein who briefly worked in the seafood business with a local company before deciding to strike out on her own. Starting with a used van, a shipment of some incredible tilefish from a family fishery in Barnegat Light, New Jersey and a generous offer to store the product at a small grocery store in Minneapolis, she founded a wholesale fish business. Four years later, Weinstein opted to open a retail store of her own which opened in the Seward neighbourhood with another following shortly in St. Paul in 1992.

In 2016, after careful consideration, Chicago’s Fortune Fish & Gourmet, purchased Coastal Seafoods as a way to expand their Midwest operations. 

In their St Paul shop, Will asks Daniel and Drew how they became fishmongers and what their personal favourite fish dishes are. He finds out what the most popular species with customers and the weirdest fish they have in their display.

Will also learns about the effects of COVID-19 on transporting fish and learns about the species of fish available in the store. He also asks about ethically sourcing fish and Daniel and Drew assure him that Coastal Seafoods make sure that all the fish they sell are sourced from sustainable sources.

Daniel and Drew tell Will how COVID-19 has changed people’s shopping patterns as more and more people moved online to click and collect making a change for the business to adapt to.

If you want to take part in Meet My Fishmonger, please contact us here at [email protected] to learn more,

Meet My Fishmonger - Coastal Seafoods, St Paul Minnesota, USA

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